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Anonymous asked:

Don't worry about being slow to update, Coo! If you're busy then take your time, we'll still love every bit of art you post, even if it takes a while. ^^

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH 8ㅁ8 I am about to cry now… 
Thank you, and I love you all!

Okay… I really have nothing to post, but I felt like I need to update my blog.
I’ve been very busy lately, so I did not have time to draw or finish my drawings… Sad part is, I still have 4-6 pictures to draw.
I just want to say, If you requested something on my message, you might have to wait longer for me to draw it. I am really sorry.

yuna-mao asked:

i just wanted to say, your maplestory art is amazing & if you ever opened up a shop or maybe took commissions you would be very successful :D i know i would buy a lot if you did ^^ anyway great job & keep it up~

Thank you ^///^a ♥♡

I don’t think I am going to open shop… I don’t have any experience of selling thing….
I might open commission? However in order to do that, I need to know how to open the commission and my schedule need to be clear… So it might take some time. :)


a luminous voice acting comparision

I really don’t reblog stuffs that much, but I felt like this one was neccesary

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