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Original character Elroy Shiva… I just want to draw red eyes.


Sorry I am really busy recently 8~8… I will try to end all of my work as soon as possible, and come back to normal Coo. Sorry I couldn’t answer Anonymous questions, I will do it as soon as I come back.


Anonymous asked:

Who are your ships in Grace Chase?? I want to know. If you want to include the Jin x Sieghart that you like, it's okay. I just wanna know your ships. :)

I like most of the couples! But these are my most favorite couples I like :

NL: Lass x Lire, Ryan x Arme, Dio x Lay, Jin x Amy

BL: Seighart x Jin, Jin x Ryan, Azin x Jin

GL: Elesis x Lire

I really don’t care if it’s reversed or not, I mostly ship all of the couples that exists in Grand Chase

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